Nicholas Yarnall


Nick is a real estate veteran who began his career on the East Coast before being drawn to the entrepreneurial spirit of Austin. 

Nick worked as a real estate agent for New York City's largest residential brokerage, before moving to a vertically-integrated private RE fund in Baltimore, where his responsibilities included acquisitions, construction, asset management, structured partnerships, financing, and private lending for the city's leading single-family investment group.

Nick is a licensed real estate broker and member of both the Austin Board of Realtors and San Antonio Board of Realtors. He graduated with a BA in economics from Rollins College, and completed graduate course work in real estate development from the University of Maryland. Shortly after moving to Austin, Nick co-founded Old Three Hundred Capital, a full service real estate private equity and asset management company, which he helps operate alongside Council Oak Realty.  Nick serves on the Board of Directors of the Young Men's Business League of Austin, and is highly active in the Austin philanthropic community. 




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